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● Useful Hanja – Chapter 1
Supplemental Reading (DOWNLOAD)

● Radicals
Most Hanja are made up of combinations of other characters. These building blocks are the radicals. Once you have a good knowledge of the radicals, learning Hanja is much easier.
Radicals Reference Sheet (DOWNLOAD)

● Thousand Character Classic “千字文”
Thousand Character Classic mp3 (Main Text only) (DOWNLOAD)

● Hanmun
Here is a first sentence from “朱子十悔” (The Ten Regrets of Juja).
The Ten Regrets of Juja 1 (DOWNLOAD)

● Korean Personal Name Hanja
If you having trouble finding the Hanja for your name this list can help. It lists all the Hanja that can be used for personal names in Korea.
Korean Personal Name Hanja (DOWNLOAD)

● Previous Materials
Vocabulary List Level 8 (DOWNLOAD)
Writing Practice Sheet Level 8 (DOWNLOAD)
Reading Practice Level 8 (DOWNLOAD)