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漢字 in 屋崙

A gallery of random 漢字 that I have seen in and around Oakland.;CAEQARoQO0n7aZZeL8eZzqojIC_H8w;450013F5-7656-4F94-B2F5-C84067665025


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Useful links for learning Hanja

There are many dictionaries and learning apps online and for smartphones. Let me now if you find something that you find useful and I will include it here.

A good basic vocabulary with definitions in English

Naver Hanja Dictionary and Resources (in Korean)
All Korean dictionaries have 漢字 beside the entries for words that have a 漢字 origin. Hanja Dictionary and Resources (in Korean)
You can also print out custom practice sheets.

List of Personal Name 漢字 (in Korean):
If you have a Korean 漢字 name, you can look up the characters here.
Create your own custom practice sheets. It is oriented towards Simplified Chinese but it also accepts traditional characters as used in many places including Korea.

Unihan Database
An effort to catalog all scripts ever used my mankind. They are up to 75,215 漢字.

Hilarious site about 漢字 abuse. Don’t let this happen to you!

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