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Rainy day Hanja – 雨傘

Today’s weather reminds me of one my favourite Hanja words: 雨傘(우산) umbrella. The first character depicts drops of rain falling from heaven. The second character looks like four people (人) huddling under some sort of shelter.


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New Hanja/English dictionary for iPhone

The wave is gaining momentum! There is a new iOS Hanja/English/French dictionary! Check it out!

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Give us this day our daily bread

“오늘날 우리에게 일용할 양식을 주시고”
I always thought that we praying for bread since bread is Western food (洋食) but we were actually just praying for 糧食, food in general.

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The Mongols are coming!

The word 원래 meaning “originally” used to be written 元來 but these characters could also be interpreted as “The Yuan Mongols (元) are coming” so it became common to write 厡來 instead.

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Great online Korean dictionary

No Hanja unfortunately, but it provides lots if real-world examples of Korean and English usage.

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Another great resource for Hanja beginners!

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Kuiwon is back and posting more selections from the vast literature written in Classical Chinese.

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