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Fun Hanja: 拜

拜 (배) means to bow or greet. It is made up of two hands (手手) with an extra line representing the ground (一). Think of the big bow Koreans make on special occasions. This character is used in many words involving worship or greeting and you can also put it after your name in a letter as a virtual bow.
See you this Saturday!
OaklandHanja 拜


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Learning Hanja on your mobile device

There are tons of apps you can use to learn and review Hanja in your spare moments.

I like playing this one when waiting for BART. Levels 8 and 7 (basic levels) are free.

Hanja Game – 한자 게임

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Lesson 1: Meet your first Hanja

Here is a vocabulary list for the first Hanja we are going to learn this semester. This is Hanja Level 8 which are the first Hanja learned in school in Korea.

Vocabulary Level 8

Here is a writing practice sheet with the first 20 characters we are going to work on in class.
Lesson #1 Vocab Practice Sheet

Right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the document to your computer.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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What is your name?

If you have a Korean name, knowing how to write it in Hangeul is only half the story. Most Korean names, just like Chinese and Vietnamese names, are based on Hanja and knowing the Hanja reveals another dimension of meaning. Check out this file which contains a list of Hanja used for personal names, listed alphabetically. Since there are many Hanja with the same pronunciation, you may have to ask someone in your family, which characters are the ones in your name.

Hanja used for Personal Names – 인명용 한자표

Here is some info on Chinese and Vietnamese surnames. Maybe you share the same Hanja surname with some of your friends without knowing it!

Chinese Surnames

Vietnamese Surnames

And if you don’t have a Hanja name, we can always create one.

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漢字 in 屋崙

A gallery of random 漢字 that I have seen in and around Oakland.;CAEQARoQO0n7aZZeL8eZzqojIC_H8w;450013F5-7656-4F94-B2F5-C84067665025

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Trailer: Teacher and the Devils (훈장과 악동들) – Korean Movie 2011

Don’t worry. No corporal punishment or walks in the snow at Oakland Hanja School.

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Ignorance of Hanja is Ignorance of Korean

In my attempt to “re-acquire” Korean, nothing has helped to build my vocabulary more than Hanja.

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